Upgrading ESG

Upgrading ESG is a leading resource for ESG information, strategy, solutions, net zero and innovation, helping you to start or upgrade your ESG journey.

The objective is to make this a resource for all people and companies to reach net zero and make an Impact. It is not just enough to measure and report, but there is a need to bring real change in how companies contribute to the environment and society.

Areas of interest

Discussing frameworks for the CEO, The CFO, the sustainability / ESG team and the Board to address the risks and opportunities
Showcasing data capture – not only within companies but also in the supply chain and Product ESG.

Featuring the latest trends in Regulatory obligations and standards.


Exploring sources of finance and incentives


Highlighting real-life examples of ESG and sustainability reports. Providing a basis for discussion and change.


Sharing ideas and real solutions for Net Zero - energy efficiency (cost savings), waste and recycling, staff and customers.

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Upgrading ESG enables you to interact with our ESG community. We have a range of subscription charges, starting with a lower service to promote small businesses.

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